The IV International Symposium On Breeding Birds In Captivity
September 12 - 16, 2007 Toronto, Canada

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Brief History

Over the last 30 years there have only been three prior symposia. The first held in Seattle in 1978, hosted by Jan Roger van Oosten, then director at Woodland Park Zoo. The next two were held in Los Angeles, California the first in 1983 and the last in 1987, both were sponsored by Gary Schulman. The 1987 symposium was of special notice in that it commemorated the life of Jean Delacour, who passed away in November, 1985.

What set apart the ISBBC from similar avian symposia was the sheer quality and diversity of the speakers, coupled with the avicultural and conservation related topics into one event, made it an occasion well remembered. Due to the high caliber of speakers, it attracted many delegates of avicultural, zoological and ornithological backgrounds; it amassed conservationists of all types and set a standard for avian symposiums, one that has rarely been reached since the last.


There are numerous reasons for hosting a fourth symposium. Besides the fact that nearly twenty years have passed since the last, there have been some vast changes to the avicultural and ornithological communities on an international scale making a cohesive reunion of great potential importance. The audience that such a symposium attracts is also quite different from that of any other; through the various backgrounds and experiences of those who partake in it, vast amounts of knowledge is able to be passed on to those in attendance.

Some of the benefits of attending such a symposium include:

The opportunity to converse and engage with some of the world leaders in the fields of aviculture, zoology, ornithology and avian conservation.
The opportunity to further the success and fecundity of established breeding programs for both in and ex-situ initiatives.
Partake in one of the most influential and diverse avicultural and ornithological symposiums ever co-ordinated.
Experience one of the most culturally diverse cities and countries in the world, making it the perfect venue for international collaboration and participation.

Symposium topics will vary greatly, however an emphasis will be placed on the role of aviculture in the conservation of avian biodiversity and the educational aspects and potential of birds in captivity. Various natural history and husbandry issues will be covered extensively. Please consort the speaker panel list for current subject topics.
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