The future of aviculture and avian conservation is at a turning point. More species of birds are threatened with extinction than at any other documented point in time. Avian biodiversity in the in and ex-situ states is on a continual decline and numerous obstacles stand in the way of progress.

The IV International Symposium on Breeding Birds in Captivity represents a chest in which the various tools of avian study: ornithology, avian biology, conservation, medicine and captive propagation, can be used to aid in the building of a stronger future for the world’s avifauna.

Only through the assimilation of international expertise, ideas and visions can significant progress be made in halting the loss of avian biodiversity; the ISBBC makes such international collaboration possible.

The further investment into a sustainable, captive population of all threatened species of birds is a criterion of the IUCN Captive Breeding Policy. Through the experiences and lectures of speakers and delegates at the ISBBC, significant progress can be made in this direction. The shared experiences in avian reproductive biology, nutrition and re-introduction will only improve the longevity and sustainability of captive and wild populations of birds.

In memory of one of the world’s most influential aviculturists/ornithologists, the ISBBC strives to encompass all aspects of avian study in a similar manner as Jean Delacour so eloquently managed during his tenure; while his diverse expertise and international endeavors have been represented through the speaker panel.

We extend an invitation for you to attend the IV International Symposium on Breeding Birds in Captivity in Toronto, Canada.

Myles M. Lamont
Dave T. Longo
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