Due to several unforeseen financial and personal hurdles, along with the massive undertaking of editing a book of this magnitude, the printing date for the proceedings had to be pushed back from the anticipated Spring 2008 release. We are currently in the midst of doing a final edit and will email all delegates and authors who have purchased copies once the final manuscript is complete. We thank you for your patience thus far.

The proceedings of the IV International Symposium on Breeding Birds in Captivity is a massive compilation of chapters on all aspects of aviculture, conservation, avian husbandry and re-introduction. Complete with 30+ figures, 75+ tables, 40+ graphs and charts along with 120+ images, it encompasses a substantial amount of information over a broad area of topics.
With over 50 authors and nearly 500+ pages in length, this compilation of avian material is one of the largest publications of its kind to date.


Available for $64.99/ea Cdn. and can be purchased online through our website.

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